Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Christmas Column

From silver skating parties to the Yule Ball all Christmases are special. This year we’ve been noticing again and again, less Christmas spirit than usual. The muggle houses are more festive than ours! The last time we lost that contest was when millions of people were being murdered, when Lord Voldemort was at large. That’s why this year we’re including a few ways for you to be the d├ęcor of your neighborhood and a few ways to cheer up yourself and your family for the holidays.
Cheering Charms! This simple spells cheers you up in the deepest stress and lasts for just about an hour. With the help of the holidays, it’ll be just the boost to get the season started.
Melting Holiday Confetti! (incantation: holifetimul fete) This confetti goes on non-stop for four hours. It’s perfect for your holiday party! Plus, there’s nothing to pick up afterward, this confetti melts like hot wax, halfway in between your ceiling and the floor. Warnings: Do not attempt on the sky. Only point your wand at the ceiling, not the walls or the floors.
Shimmering Secrets. If you pay attention to holiday awards, you know his easy-to-do charm has been awarded the HSCA (Holiday Spirit Charm Award) from the year it was invented. The story’s great to, if you know it. This charm gives the effect of shimmering everywhere, on the interior if performed from the exterior, and vice versa.
Thanks very much for allowing my cheer to like into your home, this article is bewitched with another Holiday Charm! For more, please check in again, I rock this column from now until January.

Mike Samson, Columnist